Pregnancy & Postpartum support/Maternal Mental Health

What exactly is maternal mental health? 

Maternal Mental Health is all about your mental health during conception, pregnancy, miscarriage or loss, birth and postpartum. You may have heard of postpartum depression already. For about 20% of women, the transition into parenthood can lead to severe mood changes. 

There are things that don’t go as planned such as: Pregnancy or postpartum depression, anxiety, trauma, OCD.  These are very treatable conditions. Bedrest, birth complications or a baby in the NICU can all impact and increase your feelings of having things out of your control. 

Most people who are going through this feel very alone and feel guilty a lot of the time but you are not alone.  We don’t talk about the realities of pregnancy, birth and postpartum enough. So when a mom or partner is suffering, they think that there is something wrong with them- this is not the case, there IS something that can get you through this. With the right kind of help, you can feel better!

If you have any questions about how therapy can help you during this time please call Jill who has completed specialized training in this area for more information.